My name is Paul Stewart. I’ve been teaching – English, History, Media Studies and Art – for a few decades now. In that time I’ve stumbled across a few good ideas, technologies and resources. I’ve gathered a few of these things here, and my colleagues in school near and far are welcome to use what they need and ignore what they don’t. If anything saves a colleagues time or headspace, then my job is done!

I wax lyrical about education and technology. I have opinions. They’re not always right, or they may only be right for a relative few. That’s okay, and it’s okay to disagree with the opinions expressed therein. Visitors are welcome to leave comments.

If anyone would like to be in contact, please send me an email here or fill in the form below. And although I can’t pretend to be a fan of Twitter, but I know it works for some people, so I figured I’d put my reservations to one side and see what it leads to. So here’s me on Twitter. We’ll see what it leads to!

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